Match Information

NRA Approved Match

Sponsored by: Hyco Shooting Club

Range opens at 10:00am for zero and practice.  Match starts at 11:00am


Entry Fee and Awards: $5.00 for each gun per relay.  Prizes awarded will be the choice of the winner to include; $5.00 cash, free shoot or trophy.  Placed wil be award for ever three entries in a class. Classes may be combined to meet this requirement.


Advance entries: Advance entry not required.


Rules: Current NRA Hunter’s Pistol and Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol, Smallbore Rifle and Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette and Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action Rifle and Smallbore Cowboy Rifle Silhouette rules apply.


Match Course: The match will onsist of one 40 round match.  (10 shots at @ chickens, 10 shoots @ pigs, 10 shots @ turkeys and 10 shoots @ rams)  Re-entry is permitted.  Match is open to the public.


Targets:  The range is setup in meters and approved NRA Silhouette targets will be used.


Classifications:  NRA Classification will apply.  (Unclassified shooters will shoot in highest available classification)


Requirements: NRA membership and current classification book.


Hunter Pistol

Smallbore Rifle (.22) 

Smallbore Plinker Rifle (.22)*

Cowboy Lever Rifle (PC** & SCR***)

*Any .22 caliber rimfire rifle equipped with metallic or telescopic sights.

**PC denotes Cowboy Style Lever Action rifle equipped with metallic sights firing a   centerfire pistol cartridge.

***SCR denotes Cowboy Style Lever Action rifle equipped with metallic sights firing a .22 rimfire   cartridge


New Shooters and Junior Shooters Welcome

All NRA rules apply. 
Matches consists of 2 or more relays and can handle up to 3 positions at each station.
Targets are the metal silhouettes. Each position consists of 10 targets: 5 rounds, shot twice.
NRA score books are available for a NRA $13.00 fee.
This match is open to the public.

Range open 9:00 A. M. for set up

Practice begins at 10:00 A.M.
Match begins at 11:00 A. M.
Please see the range master when you arrive for details.

Safety is everyone's responsibility! Wear your eye and ear protection at all times!

For more information contact:  David Caughey (919)622-8843 or email



7.00 AM-Sunset


1:00 PM-Sunset



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