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The range consists of a large open field with several dirt backstops.

There are covered firing lines at each range, along with shooting benches and firearm racks.

The backstops are set at 40, 50, 75, and 100 meter distances, with both gongs and paper targets.
A pistol backstop at 25 yards is available as well, with gongs, dueling tree, and paper targets.

A wobble trap is also available at the range.

Firing Lines


A covered Firing line is provided at each target distance with accommodations for multiple shooters. Each covered firing position has a table to shoot from, chairs, rifle rest, and some lines also have dedicated shooting benches. Buckets for spent brass and trash cans are also provided at each firing line. 

Berms and Target Stands


Each target berm has a frame suitable for hanging paper targets. Please bring your own staple gun and staples to hang targets. There are also several hanging gongs and other "action" targets at each berm. There is a dueling tree located at the 25 yard pistol berm and multiple NRA Animal Silhouette hanging targets at each berm too. 

Paper targets are provide at the range for member use. As are replacement bungees and tools to rehang the gongs if they are damaged. 

Rifles may not be shot at any of the steel targets at the 25 yd, 40 yd, or 50 yd berms.


Wobble Trap


We have a battery operated wobble trap for our members use. It has been recently refurbished and has a long enough control cord to accommodate various shooting positions.  Members who wish to use the wobble trap must be trained in it's use and issued a key.If you wish to use it, contact R.J. McCaskill (until further notice). Members must furnish your own clay pigeons

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